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The complex was named Johnnie B Wiley Amateur Athletic Sports Pavilion in 1997 to honor the life and work of Mr. Johnnie B Wiley. Mr. Wiley worked within the community influencing youth. He was a community warrior who had the ability to inspire & motivate youth.

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We are here for to serve our community!

Currently, the facility is a home for activities that continue the legacy of Mr. Wiley, under the leadership of the director, Mr. Wiley’s son, Cedric Holloway, staff, and community volunteers. Through working with our partnering organization and community we supply the following services to the community!

Why Choose Us For Events

Our facility is here for the community. We welcome all opportunities to help our community to build and grow. As a result we work to make our facility accessible for constructive events for the community.


Reasonable Cost

Our goal is to make a great space accessible to our community. 


Flexible Hours

Our spaces are accessible for traditional business hours and more.


Community Based

Located in the Buffalo East Side, 15 min. from Downtown Buffalo.

Great for instructional gatherings, presentations, or group meetings.

Professional meeting space for groups of three or more to collaborate or make dreams a reality.

Professional meeting space for groups of three or more to collaborate or make dreams a reality.

Excellent for semi-large, parties, speaking engagements, or community  activities.

Join Our Team

We are greatly appreciative of the generous support from Delta Sonic and our surrounding community! We look forward to continue building relationships with our community together. Join our effort to create a beloved community through teamwork to makes the dream work by contacting us!

Johnnie B. Wiley Amateur Athletic Sports Pavilion offers amateur sports programs, mentoring, and cultural enrichment activities through a volunteer base focused on young people their physical, mental, and character development to promote outstanding sportsmanship and excellent social consciousness.

1100 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo, NY 14208, (716) 885-8500